Max learns a fine art from Curious George

Sometimes a tutorial from a first grader hits the spot.

Max perfected a childhood art form this summer. He revisited the book Curious George Learns to Count from 1 to 100 by H.A. Rey.

One of the pages gives step by step instructions on how to make a paper airplane.


Max went a little crazy with it.

Max and planes

Max and his planes.

Here’s a video of Max sharing his wisdom:

IMG_4702 from julia mace on Vimeo.


7 thoughts on “Max learns a fine art from Curious George

  1. Max may have gone crazy with making his ✈️, but I noticed they are all parked neatly in the airplane hanger! After all, there were 55 planes that sailed away in the story!

    I also noticed in his instructional video he had his Reds cap on. Tell him that Chappets says if he wants to wear a Cubs hat in this post season race I have some to share! It’s not too late to get on board the World Series 🚂!

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