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Author Interviews
Jennifer K. Mann, author of Two Speckled Eggs and I Will Never Get A Star On Mrs. Benson’s Blackboard, winner of the Washington State Book Award

Erin Fitzgerald, author of SmartButt: Scenes from a Bold-Faced Life (Starring Earlene)

What Readers and Writers Are Saying About I Love Kids Books
“Thank you for such a wonderful review of “Martha!” And I think Max has a career ahead of him in acting. You very much brightened my day!” – David LaRochelle, author of How Martha Saved Her Parents From Green Beans

“I love this post, Julia. I’m reblogging it for #RaisingReaders Monday over at kateywrites.” – Katey Howes, children’s author and book blogger

“What I love about Julia’s blog is that she brings a perspective about books that I don’t have yet; experiencing books with your children.” – Aila Jones, blogger Read It Real Good

“A touching tribute and masterful how you tied it into the Mr. Frank book and Max and Calvin.” – Dana B., reader, mom, North Carolina

“I could so go on a book shopping spree. Very fun and helpful as there are a lot of books out there, but best to go with a book that has been “kid tested”…you could develop a Calvin & Max seal of approval.” – Karen D., reader, grandmother, Vermont

Who’s Tweeting About It
Author Selina Aiko B is for Building Cities. Look what this awesome mom uses my book for!”

Author Jennifer K. Mann “Here’s a sweet write up and a cute kids story to go with it.”

Author Elise Gravel “Thank you! Nice blog post! 😉 Glad your sons like my books!”

Author Molly Idle “Thanks for the T. Rex love!”

Blogger Kay Nettles “Refreshingly REAL mommy blogger, fellow reader.”

Author Louise Borden “Thank you for the wonderful post re Fly High!”

Illustrator Teresa Flavin “Thank you for the beautiful post. I’m truly touched.”