Discovering a Monster

When reviewing a new book with your children, reading on a night when they are exhausted is tough.

The first time I read Monster Needs To Go To School, they listened in tired silence and the usual cute insights, comments, and questions were nonexistent.

Let me rephrase that. It was a great bedtime for me, just not for my blog.

The newest in the Monster series, I was curious to receive this book from Mighty Media PressWritten by Paul Czajak and illustrated by Wendy Grieb, the bright colors and storyline appealed to me right away.


Monster’s friend boy suggests he go to school so he can learn.

As a parent, I was happy about the diversity of the children and adults in the book. I loved that it addresses bullying, a topic we have been talking about at home. Monster won’t play with some kids until they stop being bullies, so they stop!

My opinions aside, I approached the real critics a second time. I wondered what my kindergartners Max and Calvin thought of this story that could be used to prepare a child for school.

I brought up the book using a secret parent strategy – asking questions in the car.

“Were you nervous about going to school when it started, like Monster?”

“I was a little worried,” Max admitted.

“I was BRAVE,” countered Calvin.

I asked them what they liked about the book.

They both found it hilarious and puzzling that Monster liked school so much he planned to skip the next day so he could go straight to college.

“He’s going to college?” Max laughed. “How can he go to college?”


Never one to shy from a photo op, Max models the book cover.

The second time we read the book, they listened again. This was a good sign. They were WIDE awake and ready with comments.

Calvin was pleased that a girl liked Monster’s hair. Max wants to try pottery, like Monster.

Thumbs up for Monster!

Thanks to Mighty Media Press for the opportunity to review this book.


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