Underwear is funny

Todd suggest polka-dot underwear. Max and Calvin like superheroes.

Todd suggests polka-dot underwear. Max and Calvin like superheroes.

Here’s what I saw when I walked into the house the other day: two naked little boys, jumping on a mini trampoline with underwear on their heads.

Underwear is the cause for a lot of laughter at our house. Max put his on backwards recently, “just because I felt like it.” Calvin went with the opposite effect and didn’t wear it when we went sled riding a couple of months ago. I discovered this while we were changing out of wet clothes. When I asked him why he said, “I didn’t feel like it.”

My boys take great delight in Todd Parr’s, The Underwear Book. It provides helpful underwear Do’s and Don’ts. “Do go shopping for underwear with a hippo. Don’t let her try it on. (It may rip).” Other helpful hints include, “Do wear underwear on the first day of school,” “Don’t bring it for show–and-tell.”

It reminds me of Glamour Magazine’s fashion dos and don’ts. (If you’re not familiar with it, the magazine would photograph unsuspecting subjects on the streets and block out the eyes of the fashion don’ts.) But Todd is kind; there is no reason to block out eyes in any of his books. His stories and colorful illustrations address feelings, differences, being kind, families, and other groovy topics. That’s why he’s so popular and a best seller. Personally, I like to think he’s the godson of SARK with his bright colors and inclusive messages. (Anyone out there remember SARK?)

If you’re going to a party this weekend, you may want to heed Todd’s advice, “Do wear polka-dot underwear, don’t wear a plain pair.”

Where to find the book and more info

Our first introduction to Todd Parr was when the boys’ older brother bought them The Earth Book. We’ve since read many of Todd’s books. Go to his website to learn more.

Here are two more awesome books about underwear that the boys and I love: Brief Thief written by Michaël Escoffier and illustrated by Kris Di Giacomo. Picasso’s Trousers by Nicholas Allan is a family favorite.

4 thoughts on “Underwear is funny

  1. Underwear is hilarious in our house, too. Especially when worn on heads. (My girls and your boys better not meet up. Underwear anarchy might ensue!)
    We also really enjoy ONE BIG PAIR OF UNDERWEAR by Laura Gehl and Tom Lichtenfeld. Your kids will love it!


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